Life is too short for neutral

Make it worth keeping


From “going tiny” to “tidying up,” the home trends of the decade revolve around one simple idea: be thoughtful about what you bring into your space. I think the same should be true for those of us that craft home decor: be mindful of the homes and people you’re creating for.

Because of this, I choose to design bright, colorful patterns that add to the joy in your home. I choose to use fabric that feels soft against the skin — but that is also made to last. I add small details when I sew — double-stitched zippers, tapered edges, serged seams — so that you can keep your covers for some time. My goal is to make something special: pieces made to survive all the “tidying,” all the redecorating, all the moves.

At the end of the day, these are just pillows. But I hope each one I make brings joy for years to come.

Brandi Thompson, Owner